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During the process of releasing my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, I did a ton of research on how to market it and find a readership. As previously mentioned, I read a lot of great books on the subject, learned a ton, and built a pretty solid foundation for myself.

Recently, I had several readers ask me what books I would recommend. After several times typing out the book titles, why I liked them, and what I learned, it made sense to devote an article to my Top 5 favorite books about book marketing. And yes, I realize how redundant that sounds.

So in addition to my previous articles on how to promote your book via social networking, I introduce a new article devote to my favorite marketing books:
5 Titles on Book Marketing and Promotion that You Need to Read

Like all others, this article is sure to receive updates as I find a new volume that I find to be especially informative. I still have several more installments of the “Social Networking” series planned, but if you have suggestions or feedback on any of them, let me know. Unlike your best friend, I actually WANT your honest opinion!

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