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I added some (what I deem to be) fun new things to the website. To your left in the sidebar you can now stalk me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or see what books I’ve read recently with just the click of a button! Also, I’ve added a word counter to the top of the sidebar where I will track the progress on my second humor book! I’ve made a small dent already, and the end goal may change a bit, but this will help to keep me motivated and if anyone asks “Hey Wes, how’s your next book coming along?” I can say “I pity da fool who don’t be watchin’ dat word counter!”

I’m not sure if Mr. T impressions hold up when written. You tell me.

ALSO – Remember that the Kindle version of my first book, Musings on Minutiae, is still just $0.99 until February! Get it while it’s still the same price as a Nickelback song on iTunes! (Wouldn’t you rather give me your money? I mean, let’s not encourage them!)

Book #2 Progress

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The Book

Musings on Minutiae


Paperback: $10.00
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