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The fine folks over at the official BlogTalkRadio Blog picked up on the article I recently published about promoting and marketing your book using their broadcasting service.

Hopefully this helps other authors find the resource and everyone realizes how great a tool BTR is.
They had some nice things to say about the article and I appreciate them taking the time to feature it.

Click here to read their blog entry.

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During the process of releasing my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, I did a ton of research on how to market it and find a readership. I read a lot of great books on the subject and what felt like a million websites trying to absorb as much as I could on the process.

What I realized is that while there are a ton of ideas out there, a lot of them are just rehashes of one another, and many marketing techniques require quite a bit of money that most authors do not seem to have just laying around.

I decided to write a series of articles about my personal experience with marketing my own book which will detail techniques that have worked for me and led to sales of my title. My word is by no means professional or the best advice, but what works for one person typically works for another.

Over the last couple months, I published articles about promoting on,, and

The latest addition, Promoting Your Book Online Through BlogTalkRadio, is now available for your reading pleasure.

More articles to come in this series! If you have suggestions or feedback on any of them, let me know. I promise I’m not like that one guy you work with who just doesn’t want to hear it!

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Greetings folks!

Tomorrow morning at 11:00am EST, tune into BlogTalkRadio to hear a live interview with me!

I’ll be discussing my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, with Barry “Storyheart” Eva from the popular book podcast, A Book and a Chat. His show is based around a 30 minute conversation with an author over a cup of tea. I’ll be drinking coffee, but it promises to be an entertaining time!

To hear the broadcast and support the show, head over to

If you’re unable to listen live, the show will be automatically archived and you can listen to it at your convenience!

Head on over to the Press section to listen to my past interviews with Page Readers and BK Media Entertainment!

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I spent the last five days vacationing in beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida. Today I arrived back in Orlando with myriad bug bites and something that even resembles a tan.

In my mind, I'm still on vacation.

Since there is no rest for the wicked, while on my vacation I took time out of my busy schedule (which consisted of floating in the Gulf, or thinking about floating in the Gulf) long enough to be interviewed by two awesome internet radio shows on the BlogTalkRadio network. Both shows had me as their guest in order to discuss my book, Musings on Minutiae, and much fun was had by all.

If you listened live, I thank you for your support, and am appreciative of all the positive feedback I received via email.

As these radio shows are archived on the internet, if you weren’t able to listen live then I encourage you to check them out online and listen at your convenience!

Listen to my interview with BK Media Entertainment here:
Everyone Needs Humor with Weston Locher

Listen to my interview with Page Readers here:
Page Readers Talks with Weston Locher

I had a ton of fun on both radio shows and look forward to doing more guest spots in the future. Please be sure to listen to their shows and support what they’re doing!

If you have any feedback on the shows, or would like me to be a guest on your radio show, let me know!

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Greetings folks!

Tonight at 5:00pm EST, tune into BlogTalkRadio to hear another live interview with me! I know, I know, I’m hogging the internet airwaves.

Once again, I’ll be discussing my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, but this time with Nanci Arvizu from the author-spotlight show, Page Readers.

Nanci has interviewed many up and coming authors and her show is fantastic. If you’ve yet to hear an episode of Page Readers, then now would be a great time to start!

To hear the live broadcast (and to support the show), listen online at

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