As Twenty Twelve (not two thousand twelve) (Yes, that’s the correct way of saying it) (I mean, seriously, when it was 1999 did you pronounce it as one thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine?) (of course you didn’t) is upon us, I thought it only right to come out of hibernation to tell my friends and fans what’s been happening in the Locher camp recently.

In 2009 I released my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, which you probably purchased and read (I mean, you DID, right??). After that I spent the majority of the year that followed promoting the book and collecting reviews, and I did a bunch of interviews and podcasts as well. I also wrote some helpful articles about how to promote your book online. The knowledge supplied came from my own experiences as they continue to be the number one thing bringing traffic to this site.

Then in 2011 I disappeared. Actually, I didn’t disappear. I paused on the humor thing and started writing comic books.

Always a fan growing up, I decided to stretch my creative wings and wrote 4 different stories, one of which was recently picked up by a publisher and will be in stores in 2013. I haven’t signed the non-disclosure yet, so I’m not exactly sure how much I’m allowed to talk about. The last thing I need are ninjas jumping through my windows and slicing my head off.

So that brings us back to this little website for a little funny book I published at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 – Musings on Minutiae. What I’ve decided is that 2012 will (ideally) be the year that I release my next humor book. In fact, it’s more than just an ambition right now, I’d say that 50% percent of it is already written and I even have a title picked out! This is good news for you, the reader since if you liked that book, you’ll probably really dig this one as well.

I’ll be revisiting this site over the coming months with new content and new stories, but it’s very important to me that the bulk of this new book is previously unpublished so that you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Also, since no one pays me to do this writing thing, I will soon be ending my 1.5 year long sale that I’ve had on the Kindle edition of Musings for just $0.99. Click here to get it while you still can!

If you’ve yet to pick up a copy, and would prefer the paperback edition, my publisher, has the physical copy for sale for just $8.50!

Looking for a great gift this Holiday season?

Well look no further!

Right now, you can pick up a copy of my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, for just $8.50 through my publisher,!

In fact, in addition to that low price, you can also enter the code BUYMYBOOK305 at checkout to save an ADDITIONAL %25!

Q: Weston, do you ever stop giving?

A: Yes, after the holidays are over and that warm tingly feeling flutters out of my bones.


If that special someone is or will be the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle, I want to remind you that you can download Musings on Minutiae for just $0.99!

Q: What’s better than the gift of laughter this Holiday season?

A: Paying off a friend’s debt!


Also, I’m planning to release a new book in 2012, so get the first book now so that you can say “I read his first book. It was better than this one.”

Happy Holidays!

On Sunday I decided that people who say that they have no regrets in life should try eating an entire family size bag of Chex Mix in one sitting.

Monday proved that you know it’s a bad economy when you see a Hummer with a pizza delivery sign on it’s roof.

On Tuesday I encountered numerous giant Florida spiders around the house. It made my life feel like a SyFy Original Movie. But with better graphics.

Wednesday afternoon while at work I realized that if I had a nickel for each time I’ve accidentally hosted a meeting with my fly unzipped, I’d be a wealthy guy.

Thursday showed me that it’s always easier to negotiate with people when you’re holding a hammer.

I rounded out my week on Friday and decided that some days I feel like I would be more productive if I owned a bazooka.

Saturday I was at the grocery store and when I couldn’t decide between name brand and store brand, I wanted to trust the employee’s opinion, however, he had a neck tattoo so I naturally doubted his ability to make good life choices.

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Don’t forget that for a limited time, you can pick up a copy of my humor book, Musings on Minutiae, for your Kindle for just $0.99!

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Tomorrow at 12:00pm EST, tune into the Authors Read program on BlogTalkRadio to hear me read a couple of hilarious essays from my book, Musings on Minutiae.

Which essays will I be reading? Tune in to find out!

Sadly, the Authors Read podcast is coming to an end, so I will be their second to last guest. I promise you that me being a guest has nothing to do with them closing their doors. Over the years they’ve had myriad great authors read from their books on air, so I’m happy to be able to join their club if only for a few hours.

To hear the live broadcast (and to support the show), listen online at

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The fine folks over at the official BlogTalkRadio Blog picked up on the article I recently published about promoting and marketing your book using their broadcasting service.

Hopefully this helps other authors find the resource and everyone realizes how great a tool BTR is.
They had some nice things to say about the article and I appreciate them taking the time to feature it.

Click here to read their blog entry.

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